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Sep, 2023

Update 9-18-23

What an exciting week of football.  I team played very well against a good West Scranton team!  The C team won 30-14 improving to 5-1.  The B team lost a close battle of undefeated 25-19 that came down to the wire.  Great job by all our cheerleaders in what was not the best weather.  

I do want to discuss something.  Some of us need to realize that this is Jr Football and Cheerleading.  We should be conducting ourselves as adults at all time.  So far this year has been good.  Couple small situations did arise this past weekend.  We all know football is intense and we all really get into the games.  Game officials are human and make mistakes.  Yelling at them or confronting them never helps.  Could actually make it worse for us.  The is a major shortage of PIAA officials and the reason is because of some of the abuse they take.  Flags can be thrown on the team if their crowd becomes unruly.  Parents can be ejected from the stadium.  If the issues is bad, they can be expelled from any ACCJFL events, and yes people have been expelled.  Coaches should also conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.  If there are issues, please communicate them with the coach, football/cheer rep, or the president.  Everything can be dealt with without issues.  Good communication is the key.  Remember when you are out there cheering, you are representing our organization, community and school district.  Again, we have had a good year, this is more of a friendly reminder.  We cannot control what other organizations do, but we can control what we do.  If there is an issue with the other team, just let us know and we can deal with it.  Please do not add Fuel to the fire.

The ACCJFL has a mercy rule that all coaches are aware of.  Once a team has reached a 21 point lead, anyone who has scored a touchdown cannot carry the anymore and should be subbed out on offense.  No subs required on defense but defense cannot blitz.  If the lead drops below 21 then those players can be used again on offense.  

The Jr Cougars and ACCJFL have a strict social media policy.  Complaining and creating issues on social media is strictly prohibited.  Violation of the policy can lead to expulsion, and yes people have been expelled for social media posts.  Repeat violations from leagues can lead to teams not being able to compete in the playoffs or compete at cheer comp.  So please conduct yourselves in a dignified manner.  Any issues you have should be communicated so it can be addressed.  Thank you all for your cooperation on this.  

Cheer Comp is this Saturday and we are all excited.  Girls have mandatory practice this week and will be ready to go.  Your coaches/advisors will fill you in on the details for Saturday.  We are in the morning shift.  Cheer comp will take place at the Old Forge High School Football Field.  Come on out and support our Cheerleaders!  CHEER LOUD, CHEER PROUD!  Should be a great day!

Tickets are on sale for our Metlife Stadium Game on December 3rd vs West Scranton.  Ticket are limited.  You can purchase the tickets on our website at  
Once we sell out of tickets, you will need to purchase the tickets from another source, which will include heavy fees.  Cost per ticket is $90 with a $3 transaction fee.

Email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns. 
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