John Henzes Veterans Memorial Stadium

Ground Rules

Our organization enjoys the privilege of playing our home games at the high school stadium in Peckville. The stadium rules are listed below and must be followed. We are grateful for your cooperation.

  1. No Gatorade or other sugared sports drinks. This includes colorless Gatorade. WATER ONLY on the field!
  2. Absolutely no strollers allowed in the bleachers.(This one's easy to forget, so please help us out. The ramps accommodate individuals with special needs, such as those in wheelchairs. And the seating closest to the field accommodates the same people. Please understand that these rules truly are written with everyone's safety in mind.)
  3. No Tobacco products of any kind. No smoking on school grounds!
  4. No Gum on the field
  5. No food of any kind, especially sunflower seeds and nuts, on the field.
  6. No high heels on cheerleaders/halftime performers; sneakers only on the field.
  7. No fire batons
  8. Only coaches (team & cheerleader coaches) with “field passes” will be allowed on the field. All “field passes” will be picked up at the entrance to the field.
  9. Please have players enter & exit the field only at the gates located behind each end zone. Please; no jumping the fence!
  10. All players not involved in the game being played cannot be on the sidelines until it is their turn. Once your game is over you must exit the field immediately.
  11. Practice field is located behind the visitors' bleachers. You can enter the practice field down by the field house located at the far end of the stadium.
  12. Please; no profanity or ridiculing of any players or cheerleaders.

These rules were set by theValley View School Board and are non negotiable. Security personnel will be at all home games to enforce these rules. Anyone in violation will be asked to leave the stadium immediately. The school has been good enough to give us the use of this terrific new field; let's return the favor by being polite guests.

"Everyone living under the social contract we call democracy has a duty to act responsibly, to obey the laws, and to abandon certain types of self-interested behaviors that conflict with the general good."
Simon Mainwaring

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